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La Scala's 'Attila' speaks to today's global turmoil

The Associated Press

MILAN (AP) La Scala's season premiere of a new production of Verdi's "Attila" takes on contemporary themes of male leaders selling out to self-interest while the final act of heroism falls to a woman.

Davide Livermore, the stage director of the production that makes its gala season premiere Friday, says "not even a rapper form the Bronx is as contemporary than Verdi."

The timing of "Attila" premiere - against a backdrop of global political insecurity and the rising power of women through the Me Too movement and recent U.S. midterm elections is coincidental.

"Attila" was chosen several years ago by musical director Riccardo Chailly to be the second in a trilogy dedicated to Verdi's early works. Chailly conducts the opera, his fifth season-opener in 40 years working with La Scala.

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