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The Latest: Minneapolis and St. Paul no longer under curfew

TOP OF THE HOUR:??" Minneapolis-St. Paul curfew over as troopers, National Guard to be sent home??" Seattle mayor bans police use of tear gas for 30 days. ??" Phoenix woman says her brother's death three years ago was similar to Floyd's. ??" California governor orders end to holds by police that a...

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Minneapolis bans police chokeholds in wake of Floyd's death

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) ??" Minneapolis agreed Friday to ban chokeholds and neck restraints by police and to require officers to try to stop any other officers they see using improper force, in the first concrete steps to remake the city's police force since George Floyd's death. The changes are part of...

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Black cops feel pain of Floyd's death, duty to their uniform

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) ??" Black police officers find themselves torn between two worlds: They feel the pain of seeing yet another black man killed at the hands of fellow officers, yet they must also try to keep the peace during angry protests fueled by that death. Those feelings, familiar to many in...

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Top US military officer reaches out to Capitol leaders

WASHINGTON (AP) ??" The nation's top military officer, Gen. Mark Milley, has spoken privately with key congressional leaders as Pentagon officials come under fire for the Defense Department's role in containing protests following the police killing of George Floyd. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi the a...

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The Latest: NM high court suspends consumer debt collection

SANTA FE, N. M. ??" The New Mexico Supreme Court is temporarily suspending consumer debt collection such as garnishing wages and seizing assets in response to the coronavirus pandemic and its related economic downturn. The court on Friday ordered the temporary suspension in a new effort to amid a...

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