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Poland's PM: Ukraine's war must be stopped now

GDANSK, Poland (AP) — The outbreak of World War II 75 years ago shows why Europe must put an end to the war in Ukraine now, Poland's prime minister said Monday. Prime Minister Donald Tusk, chosen by EU leaders to be the next president of the European Council, spoke at the Westerplatte on the...

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Family of ill UK boy accuses officials of cruelty

LONDON (AP) — The grandmother of a British boy with a severe brain tumor has accused UK authorities of cruelty for seeking an arrest warrant and pursuing the family abroad after his parents removed him from a hospital against medical advice. Patricia King told the BBC that was an "absolute...

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Military action leaves Lesotho in power vacuum

JOHANNESBURG (AP) — The king of Lesotho is taking action to fill a power vacuum after the military's actions over the weekend caused the prime minister to flee the mountainous African country. King Letsie III is appointing a Cabinet minister to run the country as both the prime minister and...

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Anti-euro party's success poses dilemma for Merkel

BERLIN (AP) — The success of a new anti-euro party in a German state election intensifies a dilemma for Chancellor Angela Merkel: how to handle a rival whose rise could make it more difficult for her party to form coalition governments around the country. Alternative for Germany, or AfD, won...

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Sony wooing Japanese to PS4 with Dragon Quest

TOKYO (AP) — Sony is trying to woo Japanese game fans to the PlayStation 4 home console that went on sale in November in the U. S. and Europe, but didn't arrive at stores here until February. Atsushi Morita, who heads Sony Computer Entertainment's Japan operations, acknowledged Monday the 4...

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