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Solar-powered plane lands in China on round-the-world flight

BEIJING (AP) A groundbreaking solar-powered plane successfully flew from Myanmar to central China early Tuesday as part of an historic round-the-world journey promoting renewable energy use. The organizers of the Solar Impulse 2 flight wrote in a statement that the plane landed in Chongqing, at a...

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Tsarnaev's lawyers try to show brother in charge of bombing

BOSTON (AP) Lawyers for Boston Marathon bomber Dzkhokar Tsarnaev started their case by trying to show that his older brother was the driving force behind the 2013 terror attack. The defense called one of its first witnesses on Monday. A cell site analyst testified that Tsarnaev's cell phone was...

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Differences persist on deadline day for Iran nuke talks

LAUSANNE, Switzerland (AP) Diplomats are scrambling to reach consensus just hours ahead of a self-imposed deadline on the outline of an Iran nuclear deal. Facing a midnight local time (6 p. m. EDT) Tuesday target to produce a framework agreement, substantial differences persisted. Top diplomats U...

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Fight over religious objection proposals shifts to Arkansas

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) The fight over "religious freedom" proposals facing increasing criticism from those who call them a license to discriminate against gays and lesbians is shifting toward Arkansas, which was poised to become the second state this year to enact such a measure. A final vote as...

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South African comic Noah will replace Jon Stewart

NEW YORK (AP) The choice of South African comic Trevor Noah as Jon Stewart's replacement on "The Daily Show" advances an intriguing new trend of late-night comic hosts with a more worldly perspective while continuing the longer-running pattern of keeping those jobs filled with men. Comedy Central...

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