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Ringling Bros. phasing out iconic elephant acts by 2018

POLK CITY, Fla. (AP) The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus will phase out the show's iconic elephants from its performances by 2018, telling The Associated Press exclusively that growing public concern about how the animals are treated led to the decision. Executives from Feld Ringling's...

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Comedy Central's 'Too Many Stars' means plenty of laughs

NEW YORK (AP) You're a bit late to bid on the chance to join John Oliver in robbing a wine store. You're also too late to bid on taking a bow onstage with the cast of the Broadway hit "It's Only a Play" while Louis C. K. presents you with flowers in front of the bemused theater patrons. Never You...

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US finds racist, profit-driven practices in Ferguson

ST. LOUIS (AP) A federal investigation into the police killing of an unarmed, black 18-year-old in Ferguson, Missouri, lays bare what officials contend are racist, profit-driven law enforcement practices in the small St. Louis suburb. While the Department of Justice cleared officer Darren Wilson...

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Selma's 50th anniversary brings comparisons to Ferguson

They only lasted minutes, but the images of the beatings of civil rights marchers in Selma, Alabama, on television permanently seared the inhumanity of Southern segregation onto the American conscience. Police tear-gassed kneeling protesters, clubbed them and attacked them on horseback behind a on...

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US productivity falls at faster pace, labor costs rise

WASHINGTON (AP) U. S. worker productivity was even weaker than first thought from October through December while labor costs rose at a faster rate. Productivity declined at an annual rate of 2. 2 percent in the fourth quarter, weaker than the 1. 8 percent drop that was estimated a month ago, the...

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