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Hong Kong activists, police clash over holiday food stalls

HONG KONG (AP) Hong Kong's Lunar New Year celebration descended into chaotic scenes as protesters and police, who fired warning shots into the air, clashed over a street market selling fish balls and other local holiday delicacies, leaving dozens injured and arrested. The violence is the worst in...

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Activists demonstrate against sexual violence at Baylor

WACO, Texas (AP) A candlelight vigil to protest Baylor University's response to campus sexual violence drew scores of demonstrators to the street in front of the university president's home Monday night. About 100 people participated in the vigil in front of President Kenneth Starr's home. The to...

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Small town New Hampshire prepares for midnight voting

DIXVILLE, N. H. (AP) The first votes of the first-in-the-nation primary will be counted in three tiny communities where primary day lasts all of five minutes. Under New Hampshire state law, communities with fewer than 100 voters can get permission to open their polls at midnight and close them as...

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Asia stocks extend global sell-off, Japan down 5.1 percent

Asian markets tumbled Tuesday as renewed jitters about the global economy set off a wave of selling in banking stocks. KEEPING SCORE: Japan's Nikkei 225 dived 5. 1 percent to 16,132. 25 and Australia's S&P/ASX 200 fell 2. 6 percent to 4,946. 70. Markets were also down in the Philippines, Thailand...

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Candidates sprint to NH finish, but brace for long campaign

SALEM, N. H. (AP) Eyeing their first wins in a capricious campaign, Republican Donald Trump lashed out at his opponents Monday while Democrat Bernie Sanders sought to play it safe on the eve of the nation's initial primary. GOP contenders vying for second and third saw fresh hopes for survival as...

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