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Marine suspect guarded by US in Philippine camp

MANILA, Philippines (AP) — A U. S. Marine suspected in the gruesome killing of a transgender Filipino was transferred Wednesday from his warship to the Philippine military's main camp, where he will continue to be guarded by fellow Marines, in a compromise that eased a looming irritant over...

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New-Look NBA: A player's perspective, Paul Pierce

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Associated Press will periodically look at the changing landscape of the NBA during the upcoming season from three perspectives: A player's viewpoint, from the bench, and from the front office. An interview with veteran forward Paul Pierce of the Washington Wizards tips...

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Klain meets with Obama on first day as Ebola czar

WASHINGTON (AP) — It's Ron Klain's first day as the new White House "Ebola czar. "Klain is a former White House adviser who starts Wednesday as President Barack Obama's Ebola response coordinator. The White House says Klain will meet with Obama and top aides in the afternoon in the Oval also...

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North Korea detainee due back in Ohio

CINCINNATI (AP) — News that an Ohio man had been freed from North Korea after being detained there for nearly six months triggered the same response in his wife and former co-workers: Delight. Jeffrey Fowle's wife cried out with joy, the family's attorney said Tuesday. And a manager in the a...

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Iraqi tribes in Abu Ghraib buck IS takeover

ABU GHRAIB, Iraq (AP) — The city of Abu Ghraib will never fall to the Islamic State group, Sheikh Khalil Ibrahim Haidan said, launching into discussion at his family farm. As the Sunni militants creep dangerously close to the city known for its iconic prison, the capital has been on alert be...

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