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China suspends more penalties on US goods after trade truce

BEIJING (AP) ??" China on Friday suspended more punitive tariffs on imports of U. S. industrial goods in response to a truce in its trade war with Washington that threatened global economic growth. Financial markets have welcomed announcements by both sides of reductions in penalties on each they...

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Virus cases balloon in S. Korea as outbreak shifts, spreads

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) ??" Schools were shuttered, churches told worshipers to stay away and some mass gatherings were banned as cases of a new virus swelled Friday in South Korea, the newest front in a widening global outbreak. The country said a total of 204 people were infected with the virus,...

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South Korea ups emergency response as viral cases surge

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) ??" South Korea's government banned major rallies in its capital and declared a health emergency in its fourth largest city as 100 new virus cases were reported Friday, bringing the country's total to 204. The spike forced officials to focus on steps to contain the domestic...

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Stress, rumors, even violence: Virus fear goes viral

TOKYO (AP) ??" You might have heard that the fear of a new virus from China is spreading faster than the actual virus. From earnest officials trying to calm a building panic. From your spouse. From the know-it-all who rattles off the many much more likely ways you're going to die: smoking, car the...

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Iran votes in parliament elections that favor conservatives

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) ??" Iranians were voting for a new parliament Friday, with turnout seen as a key measure of support for Iran's leadership as sanctions weigh on the economy and isolate the country diplomatically. The disqualification of more than 7,000 potential candidates, most of them and the a...

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