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Trial opens in Pakistan over murder of British woman

ISLAMABAD (AP) A Pakistani court on Tuesday opened the trial against the father and ex-husband of a British woman over her alleged rape and murder in the name of so-called honor. The court delivered copies of the charge sheet to father Mohammad Shahid and ex-husband Mohammad Shakeel, defense Arif...

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Marilyn Monroe's dresses, notes, checkbook seen before sale

BEIJING (AP) Marilyn Monroe's dress from "Some Like It Hot. " Handwritten notes and letters expressing the Hollywood icon's inner thoughts and, at times, despair. These and dozens of other personal items the actress left to a friend and mentor were in Beijing on Tuesday for a private viewing by a...

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Charlotte City Council blasted over police shooting reaction

CHARLOTTE, N. C. (AP) Angry Charlotte residents verbally lashed City Council members for hours, complaining about what they called unaccountable police officers and civilian leaders who have failed to force change as the city marked a week of protests since a police officer fatally shot a black a...

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At NBA media day, concern for country over concern for team

NEW YORK (AP) NBA players aren't just worried about their teams as they start a new season. They're concerned for their country. The usual basketball clich├ęs that dominate media days gave way to serious talk about social injustice and violence in communities, with players wanting to be involved...

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AP Interview: LeBron says a personal goal to match Jordan

INDEPENDENCE, Ohio (AP) Now that LeBron James has won a championship for the ages, he's set a loftier goal:Catching Michael Jordan. Long flattered to be mentioned in the same company with Jordan and other NBA legends, James has been hesitant to publicly acknowledge that he wants to be remembered...

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