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Prosecutor: DNA match leads to Florida 'pillowcase rapist'

MIAMI (AP) ??" Prosecutors announced Thursday that a sophisticated DNA match has led to the cold case arrest of a Florida man believed to be the "pillowcase rapist" who terrorized greater Miami with a series of assaults on women in the 1980s. Robert Koehler, 60, was arrested over the weekend and was being held without bond Thursday in a Miami jail. He faces charges in one assault though authorities said as many as 25 victims could be involved. The "pillowcase rapist" was so named because he a...

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Trump to sign U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade deal Wednesday

MIAMI (AP) ??" President Donald Trump will hold a signing ceremony for the U. S. -Mexico-Canada trade agreement on Wednesday, according to the White House. The deal to modernize the North American Free Trade Agreement passed on bipartisan votes in Congress, scoring the president a significant political victory amid his Senate impeachment trial. Mexico has already ratified the agreement. Canada must act next for it to fully enter into force...

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First space-baked cookies took 2 hours in experimental oven

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) ??" The results are finally in for the first chocolate chip cookie bake-off in space. While looking more or less normal, the best cookies required two hours of baking time last month up at the International Space Station. It takes far less time on Earth, under 20 minutes. And how do they taste? No one knows. Still sealed in individual baking pouches and packed in their spaceflight container, the cookies remain frozen in a Houston-area lab after splashing down two ago...

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