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Israel approves demolition of Palestinian home after attack

JERUSALEM (AP) ??" Israel's Supreme Court on Wednesday upheld the decision to destroy the family home of a detained Palestinian accused of a deadly shooting. It rejected a petition by his estranged wife, who lives in the house with their children and says she knew nothing about the attack. The to...

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EU says UEFA has no 'excuse' for blocking rainbow protest

BRUSSELS (AP) ??" A top European Union official said he can't find "any reasonable excuse" for UEFA to reject host city Munich's plans to display rainbow colors during a match between Germany and Hungary at the European Championship. UEFA said it understood the city's intention to send a message I...

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Hungary's PM uses soccer to push vision of right-wing Europe

BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) ??" Populist Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has long used soccer to advance his right-wing politics, and now widespread international criticism of a new law seen as targeting the LGBT community has turned this month's European Championship into a major stage for his a...

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EU chief vows action, says 'shame' on Hungary for LGBT law

BRUSSELS (AP) ??" The European Union's chief executive vowed Wednesday to take any action necessary to thwart a new law in Hungary that would ban content portraying or promoting homosexuality or sex reassignment to children. The Hungarian parliament passed the bill last week, but it must be by the...

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EXPLAINER: What's next now that GOP has blocked voting bill?

Senate Republicans have blocked debate of a sweeping overhaul of how elections are run in the U. S. The bill was pushed by congressional Democrats who argued it was needed to counter a spate of new GOP laws this year tightening voting rules in the states. A look at what has happened so far, what's...

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