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Will Turkey upend NATO expansion? US officials seek clarity

WASHINGTON (AP) ??" With Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan taking an increasingly tough line against the NATO membership bids of Finland and Sweden despite far less strident statements from some of his top aides, U. S. officials are trying to determine how serious the often mercurial leader U...

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EXPLAINER: What's behind difficult Taiwan-China relations?

TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) ??" U. S. authorities say the gunman behind an attack on a church in southern California in which one person was killed and five injured was motivated by a hatred for Taiwan. Although born in Taiwan, David Chou nurtured a resentment toward the Taiwanese and reportedly had ties...

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Japan OKs plan to release Fukushima nuclear plant wastewater

TOKYO (AP) ??" Japan's nuclear regulator on Wednesday approved plans by the operator of the wrecked Fukushima nuclear plant to release its treated radioactive wastewater into the sea next year, saying the outlined methods are safe and risks to the environment minimal. The plan was submitted by the...

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Europe's push to cut Russian gas faces a race against winter

While Europeans bask in the warmth of spring, governments are in a race against winter. Europe is trying to cut use of Russian natural gas because of the war in Ukraine, but still find enough fuel to keep the lights on and homes warm before it gets cold again. That has sent officials and utilities...

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Live updates | NATO says Finland, Sweden apply to join

BRUSSELS ??" NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg says Finland and Sweden have applied to join the world's biggest military alliance, a move driven by security concerns over Russia's war in Ukraine. "I warmly welcome the requests by Finland and Sweden to join NATO. You are our closest told a be...

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