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129-year journey nears end as France returns Benin treasures

PARIS (AP) ??" In a decision with potential ramifications across European museums, France is displaying 26 looted colonial-era artifacts for one last time before returning them home to Benin. The wooden anthropomorphic statues, royal thrones and sacred altars were pilfered by the French army in to...

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Drought-stricken California doused by major storm

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) ??" A powerful storm barreled toward Southern California after flooding highways, toppling trees and causing mud flows in areas burned bare by recent fires across the northern part of the state. Drenching showers and strong winds accompanied the weekend's arrival of an river ??"...

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In France, Trump-like TV pundit rocks presidential campaign

PARIS (AP) ??" A survivor of the terrible journey to Auschwitz remembered how the youngest wailed. There were 99 children squeezed among 751 adults gasping for air, crazed by thirst and hunger, aboard convoy No. 63 that departed Paris at 10 minutes past midday on Dec. 17, 1943. The 828 murdered at...

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Officials detained, internet down in apparent Sudan coup

CAIRO (AP) ??"Sudan's information ministry says the country's interim Prime Minister Abdulla Hamdok is under house arrest and being forced to issue a message in support of a military coup. The news comes as the United States expressed alarm over recent developments in the country, in a transition...

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Australia invests in $1.6 billion South Pacific telco deal

CANBERRA, Australia (AP) ??" Australian telco Telstra has partnered with the Australian government in a $1. 6 billion deal to buy the South Pacific operations of Digicel in a deal that would prevent a key part of the region's telecommunications infrastructure falling into Chinese hands. Telstra, a...

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