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The Latest: Michigan poised to ease rules on in-office work

LANSING, Mich. ??" Michigan has passed a 55% coronavirus vaccination rate, a benchmark that will lead to the easing of in-office work restrictions in two weeks. Employers currently must prohibit onsite work if an employee's job can feasibly be done remotely. With Monday's announcement, state say p...

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Hamas launches new attack on Israel after Jerusalem clashes

JERUSALEM (AP) ??" The Hamas militant group on Monday launched a rare rocket strike on Jerusalem after hundreds of Palestinians were hurt in clashes with Israeli police at an iconic mosque, as tensions in the holy city pushed the region closer to full-fledged war. Israel responded with airstrikes...

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Detroit police chief announces retirement effective June 1

DETROIT (AP) ??" Detroit police Chief James Craig announced Monday that he will retire as head of the city's police force, but he did not immediately reveal his future plans, which could include a run for political office as a Republican. Craig, who has had the longest tenure of any recent Detroit...

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US ship fires warning shots in encounter with Iranian boats

WASHINGTON (AP) ??" A group of 13 armed speedboats of Iran's Revolutionary Guard made "unsafe and unprofessional" high-speed maneuvers toward U. S. Navy vessels in the Strait of Hormuz on Monday, and a U. S. Coast Guard cutter fired warning shots when two of the Iranian boats came dangerously U S...

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Colorado police seek motive in party shooting that killed 7

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (AP) ??" A shooting at a birthday party inside a trailer park home in Colorado Springs that killed six people before the gunman took his own life stunned a state weary of gun violence just weeks after another Colorado mass shooting killed 10 people. Police on Monday were of...

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