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More bad weather could hit Iowa, where 3 powerful tornadoes caused millions in damage

GREENFIELD, Iowa (AP) — For block after block through the small city of Greenfield, Iowa, the destructive power of a tornado that ripped apart more than 100 homes in just one minute is evident in the muddy, shattered mess left behind. All along the mile-long swath Thursday was the deafening clamor of heavy equipment scooping up the splintered homes, smashed vehicles and shredded trees. But on either side of that path, picturesque houses and lawns seem untouched, and one might be hard-pressed...

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Political consultant behind fake Biden robocalls faces $6 million fine and criminal charges

CONCORD, N. H. (AP) — A political consultant who sent artificial intelligence-generated robocalls mimicking President Joe Biden's voice to voters ahead of New Hampshire's presidential primary faces a $6 million fine and more than two dozen criminal charges. The Federal Communications Commission said the fine it proposed Thursday for Steven Kramer is its first involving generative AI technology. The company accused of transmitting the calls, Lingo Telecom, faces a $2 million fine, though in a...

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Climate change and rapid urbanization worsened the impact of East African rains, scientists say

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — The impact of the calamitous rains that struck East Africa from March to May was intensified by a mix of climate change and rapid growth of urban areas, an international team of climate scientists said in a study published Friday. The findings come from World Weather Attribution, a group of scientists that analyzes whether and to what extent human-induced climate change has altered the likelihood and magnitude of extreme weather events. The downpours caused floods that...

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