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No signs of Gabby Petito's boyfriend after days of searching

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (AP) ??" Search teams found nothing of note Wednesday at a Florida wilderness park where they have spent days looking for the boyfriend of Gabby Petito, the young woman who authorities say was killed while on a cross-country trip with him. The search resumed Wednesday morning at the 24,000-acre (9,700-hectare) Carlton Reserve park and ended just before dark, North Port police spokesperson Joshua Taylor said. Investigators say Brian Laundrie's parents told them he had gone...

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Analysis: A 'United' Nations, navigating a fractured world

NEW YORK (AP) ??" When the United Nations rose from World War II's rubble, its birth reflected a widespread aspiration that humanity could be lifted up and dispatched down a positive path ??" if only there was a coherent, informed, unified effort of good faith among countries and their leaders. That would require persistence, compromise and, above all, hope. Four generations later, the theme of this year's mid-pandemic U. N. General Assembly leaders' meeting reflects that ideal: "Building hope...

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Researchers detect malaria resistant to key drug in Africa

LONDON (AP) ??" Scientists have found evidence of a resistant form of malaria in Uganda, a worrying sign that the top drug used against the parasitic disease could ultimately be rendered useless without more action to stop its spread. Researchers in Uganda analyzed blood samples from patients treated with artemesinin, the primary medicine used for malaria in Africa in combination with other drugs. They found that by 2019, nearly 20% of the samples had genetic mutations suggesting the treatment...

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